The Importance of Successful Networking to Your Business and Personal Life

“It’s all who you know in this world.” How many times have you heard that? Well listen up, because the personal contacts you make today can be the stepping stones to maximum personal and financial development down the road. In the competitive environment we live in today, the ability to network and build personal relationships has become just as important as your level of education or experience.

It used to be that formal networking was only for professional people, lawyers, accountants, and others like them. Their ability to network always had a direct relationship to the success of their firm or practice. They were always seeking potential clients, and their ability to grow both personally and financially in their field was ultimately tied to their ability to attract new business. The primary method for many of these professional types was and still is word of mouth. The cocktail after work or business dinner, either private or through another professional organization was the best way to expand your sphere of influence. To support this type of business development, media resources have also been used, such as newspapers, radio, magazines etc. These are all time tested and proven methods for building relationships and establishing a rapport with potential customers and.or clients.

With the explosion of the internet, websites, search engines, e-mail, and other computer related tools, the world of networking has taken on a new dimension that has forever changed the way we network and build personal and professional relationships. To the individual who can master both the old time tested methods of networking and the new age methods, the opportunities can be almost endless. But the question can be asked- how do you balance the old and the new?

The key is to build relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. If you help others achieve success you will see success in return. Lets say that again. If you help others achieve success, you will see success in return. Do not underestimate the power of this. If an activity, product, or service makes someones life easier or just makes them feel better, you have just developed a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit. You have also taken an important first step in successful networking. Either by design or by accident, you have made life easier in some fashion for someone who will more then likely be quite happy to recommend you and your product, service or activity. Wow, that was easy, right? Not so fast!

The reality is that sometimes to reach this level of successful networking and relationship building, you have to comb through some rough territory to get the end result you ideally wish to achieve. You may hear a lot on NO’s on the way. Don’t sweat it or take it personally. Sometime, in fact most of the time , it is a numbers game. You have to sift through a lot of sand sometimes to find that perfect shell.

In fact, sometimes the most successful networking relationships are ones that need to be nurtured and developed over time. These require systematic and consistent follow-up. If the circumstances are present for both parties to realize mutual benefit and trust, good things will happen. Always remember that to be successful in networking, you are simply trying to make a friend and fill a need. If you do both of these consistently and persistently, you will no doubt achieve a high degree of success.

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